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This website was primarily set up to host the Mynydd Llangatwg Cave Management and Advisory Committee (MLCMAC) web pages. They can be found here:

My booklet of SRT rigging topos for South Wales caves.

During my time in Hangzhou, China, I drew a map of the footpaths in the West Hills Forest Park. It has not been updated or amended since I left Hangzhou in June 2014, however it may still be of use to somebody! Do let me know if you find any mistakes or things that have changed. The most recent version can be found here:
West Hills Map

Also, a map of Hangzhou bus routes I drew in 2014, centred on Liuxia where the detail is fullest. It shows mainly the routes I have found useful, hence the connecting services which are shown in grey are a merely selection. Occasionally interchange is different according to direction, so use this map with caution. bus map

Here a list of links to my favourite Physics resources.